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Zimbabwe Child Registration

If you have had a child while abroad then you will need to register the child at a Zimbabwean Embassy. There is a list of Zimbabwean Embassies listed on this website. You will also need a passport and there is an article on the Zimbabwean passport on this website. The process below is the basic needed. Contact the Zimbabwean Embassy in the country you are in.

If you are single then the process is as listed below. If you are going to register the child as a couple then you will also need the identity documents of the father of the child.

Child Registration Requirements

  1. Your child’s long Birth Certificate;
  2. Both the parents’ long Birth Certificates;
  3. Both parents’ Zimbabwean National Registration Cards (IDs)
  4. Both parents’ Passports;
  5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable) and
  6. A fee of £25.00 (equivalent) which should be paid in Cash or Postal Orders.

These are the basic documents needed and you will need to contact the Embassy in your country to find out what else is needed. The documents normally need to be send back to Harare for processing.

Central Registry for Births, Deaths 
Makombe Building, Private Bag 7734
Causeway, Harare
TEL:  263-4-702295

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