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Zimbabwe Passport Renewal

If you are living abroad and need to apply for a new Zimbabwean passport then you can use the following as a checklist for the Zimbabwean Embassy in the country you are in. This is a basic overview of the process for having your passport renewed. Always call the Embassy to check if they are different.

Zimbabwe Passport Renewal

  1. The Original and photocopy of your Zimbabwean Long Birth Certificate;
  2. Original and photocopy of National  Identity Card (ID)
  3. Your Marriage Certificate and also a photocopy, (for married women – ID should be in married name);
  4. You will also need proof of Citizenship, if claiming citizenship in Zimbabwe by Descent
  5. Your old/expired passport plus photocopy of bio-data page for new type passport 
  6. A fee of £65 (equivalent) in Cash or Postal Order

This is the basic needs for the passport renewal for a Zimbabwean citizen. You can also check the registration of a birth abroad on this website. Search this website for the Embassy in your country.


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