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Zimbabwe Consulate in Mauritius

The Zimbabwean Embassy in Mauritius has moved to the offices of IKS Cargo and the latest address and contact details such as telephone and email addresses have been listed below. You do not need to apply for a Zimbabwean Tourist Visa as a Mauritian as there are not visa requirements for you.

You can also search this website for more information on how to obtain the birth registration documents at the Embassy and then complete these to register your child born abroad back in Harare. You can also apply for a ETD temporary passport or emergency travel document if you have lost your passport while in Mauritius. You can also contact the Embassy to renew your passport in Port Louis.

The Embassy is located close to the Thai Embassy in Mauritius as well as the US Embassy in Mauritius. From the map you can also see that it is close to the British Embassy in Mauritius as well as the Canadian Embassy in Mauritius as well as the Australian Embassy in Mauritius.

Zimbabwe Consulate in Mauritius

Zimbabwe Consulate in Mauritiusembassy

Zimbabwean Consulate in Port Louis, Mauritius

Address:IKS Cargo, Marine Road, Quay D, Port Louis, Mauritius
City:Port Louis
Tel:+230-2415531 / +230-2428177
Fax:+230-2405305 / +230-2428178
Office Hours:


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