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Namibian Birth Abroad

If you have had a baby abroad then you can register the child at the nearest Namibian Embassy if it is or are the children born to Namibian parents abroad. The parent or parents should meets requirements stated in the Namibian Citizenship Act of 1990. The child is first registered with the local country and only then by the Embassy.

The following documents will be needed in order to register the birth while abroad.

The Notification of Birth form

Application for the registration of birth in terms of the Namibian Citizenship Act of 1990

Certified copies of legal documents showing proof of Namibian descent

  • The mother’s Namibian Passport (*If the mother is not a Namibian citizen, a photocopy of their passport or birth certificate will be required.)
  • The father’s Namibian Passport (*If the father is not a Namibian citizen, a photocopy of their passport or birth certificate will be required.)
  • Original or certified copy of the parent’s birth certificate
  • The parents’ marriage certificate or civil partnership registration

The child’s birth certificate

This is the birth certificate issued by local authorities. This document must show the biological parents’ names. If the birth certificate is not in English, an informal translation must be included.

Photo ID of the child, if applicable (this is not necessary for newborns)

Application Fee (money order or certified check – personal checks are not accepted)

A self-addressed, pre-paid envelope (the envelop should have a tracking no.) for the return of the documents


The process of birth registration for a Namibian takes about 2-4 weeks to complete. See which Namibian Embassy is closest to you and which Embassy is responsible for the country you are located in. As an example Namibians in the following countries will fall under the Namibian Embassy in Washington.

These countries are :

Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador as well as Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua



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